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Ongoing Support

Ongoing Salesforce Support and Maintenance


Good training maximizes user adoption, which directly affects your ROI. Whether you’re installing for the first time or experiencing lagging usage, we offer a variety of training engagement options to increase user confidence and enthusiasm.

Admin On-Demand

Our Salesforce Administrations Eliminate the Need to Hire Under Pressure
Unfortunately, finding internal Salesforce resources under pressure can mean forced hiring decisions. Sadhana Consulting’s Admin On-Demand services can make your Salesforce transitions as seamless as possible, giving you the time you need to make the best hiring choice for your business. 

Admin On-Demand: Our Services
Sadhana Consulting’s Admin On-Demand Salesforce services remove support lapses triggered by limited internal resources. Our Admin On-Demand contracts offer clients instant access to our team of certified Salesforce administrators and developers for the ongoing support you need to keep your business moving forward at maximum capacity. When it comes to Salesforce services, Sadhana Consulting does it all. Our Admin On-Demand capabilities include:

  • CRM inquiries and issues
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Change management, enhancements, and customizations
  • Data maintenance and integration
  • Ongoing maintenance 

Every Admin On-Demand solution is uniquely tailored to meet your organization’s specific Salesforce support needs. Most importantly, at Sadhana Consulting, our veteran staff of Salesforce partners provides strategic advising to ensure you optimize CRM results across every level of your organization.

Why Choose Sadhana’s Admin On-Demand Services
Sourcing and maintaining a qualified, internal Salesforce administrator is not only challenging – it’s also expensive. Our Admin On-Demand Salesforce consultants serve as an extension of your team to deliver several significant benefits:

Accelerated Service Access
No more navigating through a mountain of resumes to find qualified Salesforce support. You’ll enjoy instant access to our entire dedicated team of experienced business analysts and system administrators who will help with operational analysis and complex configurations. Sadhana’s consultants can help your stakeholders analyze existing practices, redefine workflow, and implement process improvements across your organization.

Local Support
As an established Greater Boston business, Sadhana Consulting team of Salesforce professionals support local, regional, and national businesses of every size and across every industry. Our local presence means increased accessibility and fast response times for our clients.

Short- and Long-Term Contracts
Sadhana’s Consulting’s short- and long-term contractors grant you complete control over how long you’ll need our Admin On-Demand services.

No Hiring Gaps
Hiring a full-time Salesforce employee is challenging and time-consuming. Worse yet, the loss of an internal resource can leave a business vulnerable to lost opportunities and productivity. Our Salesforce administrator services mean you get the support you need when you need it. No force-fit hires or wasting resources interviewing (and training) temp agencies. Sadhana Consulting’s team of Salesforce professionals quickly address the risk of CRM disruption. You can take all the time you need to find the right internal hire, knowing that Sadhana Consulting understands your operational processes, work environment, and how to best leverage Salesforce functionality to drive overall business value. Best of all, Sadhana Consulting’s team of Salesforce developers and administrators can navigate through any system question, issue, or concern. We’ll manage all of your Salesforce support needs, freeing up bandwidth for you to focus on what matters most to your business.

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