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Data Services

Sadhana Consulting’s Data Services capabilities eliminate CRM redundancies and boost system efficiencies. 

Sadhana's Data Services Boosts CRM Efficiencies

Sadhana Consulting’s Data Services capabilities help partners get the most out of their Salesforce CRM environment. We collaborate with system users and stakeholders to develop a personalized data services solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing digital terrain. Sadhana’s Data Services eliminate redundancies and drives efficiencies to fully support your business goals and processes. 

Data Integration

Sadhana Consulting leverages TIBCO Cloud™ Integration as part of our secure Salesforce data integration solutions. Scribe’s intuitive visual interface makes integration accessible to employees across your organization (translation: you don’t have to be an IT programmer to navigate through the process). Our user-friendly solutions quickly assimilate Salesforce intelligence with your company’s critical business applications to free up valuable senior engineering resources, accelerate implementations, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Excel Automation

Manually exporting and analyzing Excel data outside of the Salesforce landscape restricts efficacy and increases overall business risk. Sadhana Consulting’s advanced Excel Automation integrations eliminate manual data gathering, enabling users to quickly transport Salesforce information into Excel spreadsheets for big-picture business intelligence in real-time. Our Excel Automation standardizes existing processes, reduces report errors, and saves your team hundreds of work hours each year.

Data Cleansing

The quality of your CRM data can optimize sales efforts, provide invaluable marketplace insight, and improve overall decision-making. Our skilled CRM professionals combine our expertise with the best available resources to import, standardize, verify, and de-duplicate data within your existing Salesforce interface. Sadhana Consulting has successfully led Data Cleaning initiatives for companies in virtually every industry and with digital environments of every size. We’ll develop a personalized deduping strategy that increases data integrity, driving productivity and revenue generation.
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Sadhana [SAH – dna]

Sadhana, translated from Sanskrit, means “practice” or a “personal process in which you bring out your best.” As a leading Salesforce consulting practice, Sadhana Consulting creates customized CRM solutions for enterprises of every size. Our team leverages our unique mix of knowledge and experience to refine, improve, and grow our expertise to continuously deliver the very best results for our partners.

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