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Document Automation

Create standardized contracts, quotes, and proposals with a document automation solution from Sadhana Consulting

Sadhana's Data Services Boosts CRM Efficiencies

Simplify document generation and delivery to eliminate errors, increase productivity, and save money. Create personalized templates that produce consistent output every time. Easily scale solutions to produce 1,000s of documents per day without increasing staff resources. Quickly launch from a button/link. Automatically log activities, create follow-up tasks, and update fields. Even predefine options for a one-click solution.

Conga Docs

The Conga application helps Salesforce customers fully leverage their CRM data, building a fan base of more than 150,000 subscribers in more than 45 countries, across all industries. Their flagship product, Conga Composer®, is the most popular document generation and reporting solution for Salesforce.


Electronic signatures are just the beginning. DocuSign makes any workflow or approval simple, secure and fully digital, so you can get on with your business, and your life.


Automate document creation and delivery in minutes for FREE! Easily create quotes, invoices, proposals, statements, account summaries, and contracts. S-Docs was built from the ground up, on Salesforce for Salesforce. It’s incredibly powerful, yet intuitive for Salesforce users and admins. S-Docs delivers the most features, easiest administration, and strongest security.

Adobe eSign

Transact business faster and cut your risk with Adobe eSign services. Part of a complete portfolio of secure digital document solutions, it brings trusted e-signatures to every department.

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Sadhana [SAH – dna]

Sadhana, translated from Sanskrit, means “practice” or a “personal process in which you bring out your best.” As a leading Salesforce consulting practice, Sadhana Consulting creates customized CRM solutions for enterprises of every size. Our team leverages our unique mix of knowledge and experience to refine, improve, and grow our expertise to continuously deliver the very best results for our partners.

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