Leverage Sadhana Consulting’s On-Demand Services to Maintain Pardot Functionality

Pardot offers users in a wide range of industries and Salesforce environments extensive marketing automation capabilities. Sitting on top of the Salesforce CRM, Pardot automates several mission-critical sales and marketing functions, empowering entire teams to discover prospects, nurture existing leads, and, most importantly—close more deals. 

Sadhana Helps Partners Optimize Pardot Capabilities to Maintain Competitive Edge

Optimizing Pardot capabilities is essential to maintain on-going processes for any business. As marketing technology continues to evolve, both understanding and reporting on ROI become increasingly important. However, right now, the fluctuating economy has put an increased strain on the marketing budget, causing many operations to cut back to only the most essential activities that drive revenue. 

Admin On-Demand Services Eliminates Support and Performance Gaps

Sadhana Consulting recognizes the unique challenges our clients are facing. If you’re noticing gaps in Pardot use, or feel like you are underutilizing this powerful tool, Sadhana Consulting’s Admin On-Demand services can help. Sadhana’s remote Admin On-Demand capabilities can help you tap into the power of Pardot’s marketing automation to ensure your team sees every prospect, follows up on every possible lead, and keeps potential customers moving forward in the sales cycle towards a conversion. 

Our skilled and experienced Pardot consultants can help your teams maximize the use of the system’s many resources, including: 

  • Lead management
  • Email marketing
  • Sales alignment
  • Marketing Automation
  • Complex reporting
  • Campaign Management

Admin On-Demand can also be useful for companies that heavily rely on events as their primary business development engines. Our remote services can help your employees leverage Pardot’s many automation tools to evaluate automated customer journeys for marketing opportunities. 

You Have Complete Control Over How Long You’ll Need Our On-Demand Services

Best of all, utilizing our Admin On-Demand services means you have complete control over contract length. Many businesses are now operating on a day-by-day basis due to a rapidly changing (and often volatile) marketplace. We get it. You tell us how long you’ll need us for, and you can extend the contract to ensure your business receives the support necessary to keep it moving forward. 

Contact us today to learn more about our remote Admin On-Demand support solutions.