Sadhana Consulting Develops ABM Dashboards in Salesforce Environment

Account-based marketing (ABM) leverages a focused approach to B2B marketing where RevOps teams align resources to identify best-fit accounts and convert them into customers. While not a new concept, ABM strategies have recently gained traction with B2B sellers and marketers across every vertical due to rapidly evolving technology that enables users to calibrate any next steps with precision.

When effectively implemented, an ABM strategy delivers several distinctive benefits to B2B organizations, such as:

  • Drive better marketing outcomes
  • Increase attributed revenue dollars
  • Boost qualified leads
  • Generate more conversations

Most importantly, a successful account-based marketing (ABM) solution supports strategic sales and marketing alignment for long-term return on investment. 

ABM Helps Pinpoint the Best Possible Leads For Your Company

Previous generations of B2B marketers cast their promotional nets wide, relying on general leads that appealed to the masses (at least on the surface) — but didn’t always yield optimized results. Additionally, the high-touch, intense levels of personalization these campaigns required made it challenging to execute and expensive to scale due to limited available technology. 

Evolving Technology Elevates ABM Output and Results

Fortunately, new innovations and continuously improving technology make ABM strategies more accessible and more affordable. As a result, companies in every vertical can now target customers across a wide range of niches by leveraging the power of account-based marketing initiatives to drive better-calibrated campaigns that compel and convert clients at a higher rate. 

Some proven account-based marketing tactics may include: 

  • Educational content
  • Personalized emails to targeted accounts
  • Social media campaigns
  • Partnerships on strategic initiatives
  • Account-based direct mail campaign
  • Networking events

Sadhana Helps Partners Tap into the Power of ABM Solutions Within Existing Salesforce Tech Stack

As with any digital marketing strategy, the results are only as good as the data. Unfortunately, many teams overlook the importance of prioritizing a clean data infrastructure. At Sadhana Consulting, we have extensive onsite experience setting up account-based marketing systems and tools for our customers within their existing Salesforce environments. We collaborate with our partners to develop Pardot-based ABM dashboards that help visualize where each account is within the customer journey. 

What To Know About Developing Customized ABM Dashboards

When developing customized ABM dashboards using Pardot, each stage or account status must be assigned with clear entrance and exit criteria. Having clearly defined standards and account transparency help maintain sales and marketing alignment because everyone working in the database can see where a prospect is within the sales process. Additionally, identifying how far along an account has progressed in the process enables everyone working with it to know what the next “Key Action” is to propel the prospect to the next conversion milestone. 

Once these processes are defined, Sadhana Consulting develops customized ABM dashboards specifically tailored to hunt for bottlenecks within the process. Our dashboards integrate seamlessly with the existing tech stack and present all the relevant data, making it actionable for both sales and marketing. Most importantly, Sadhana’s ABM dashboards in Salesforce do more than focus on “vanity metrics” like opens or web visits. Instead, Sadhana develops reporting tools that focus on the velocity at which the accounts are moving through the process for precision decision-making that yields the best results.

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