Sadhana Consulting Doubles Dover, NH Office Space

Dover, NH – Sadhana Consulting, an innovative Salesforce consultancy, has announced plans to double its current office space. The company recently acquired an additional 1,200 square feet of commercial space adjacent to its existing corporate headquarters at 60 Pointe Place, Suite 29 in Dover, NH. Sadhana’s expansion is a direct result of the organization’s exponential growth over the last year as a leading Seacoast, NH Salesforce administration, implementation, and support firm. 

The extended footprint will serve a diverse range of internal and client-facing functions. Sadhana’s leadership team has plans to use the acquired square footage to accommodate the organization’s growing staff, add extended collaborative spaces, and grant employees access to the tools and technology needed to optimize results, efficiencies, and success with every client engagement.

“Our extended corporate headquarters will enable us to provide an even higher level of service, reliability, and professionalism to our Salesforce clients,” explained Sadhana Consulting’s VP of Operations, Ingo Roemer. “Doubling our current footprint allows us to develop our innovation infrastructure and accommodate new team members as they onboard. This added space equips us to best support all of our customers’ Salesforce needs and environments.” 

Sadhana Consulting first moved to Dover’s Pointe Place, a mixed-use commercial and residential community, in mid-2018 to establish a centralized location for all of the firm’s operations, including sales, development, and customer service initiatives. Since opening its doors in the south end of Dover, Sadhana has experienced an accelerated upswing in overall growth and resource requirements, making the decision to acquire the available space relatively easy. 

“Expanding our presence here in Seacoast New Hampshire was the next logical step in Sadhana’s business growth and customer support strategy,” said Sadhana Consulting’s President, Peter Rozek. “Sadhana has a global reach, with both a national and international client base. We need to have the tools, teams, and resources in place to keep pace with our clients’ evolving Salesforce requirements. This expansion will absolutely impact us internally. But, more importantly, increasing our corporate footprint directly increases Sadhana’s ability to elevate service levels with both current and future customers.”