Sadhana Consulting Develops COVID-19 Readiness Plan

At Sadhana Consulting, we take the health of our employees and clients very seriously. Like most companies, we’ve recalibrated various practices and protocols to do our part in proactively preventing the spread of COVID-19. As part of our Readiness Plan, we’ve canceled all employee travel until further notice. 

Additionally, our entire team is working from their well-equipped home offices using multiple monitors, fast Internet connections, and remote meeting environments. Sadhana Consulting has always utilized cloud-based systems for collaboration, security, and communication. Now we’re just tapping into these cutting-edge technologies remotely to ensure one employee doesn’t impact the rest of the team. 

 As a small business, Sadhana understands the mixed emotions and reactions surrounding the rapid spread of the coronavirus. However, Sadhana also recognizes that worldwide events such as these can have a direct impact on other companies’ practices and productivity – we will continue to leverage our remote Salesforce solutions to ensure we’re offering our clients the support they need as we all redefine what “business as usual” looks like.  

Please contact us today to learn more about Sadhana Consulting’s remote Salesforce solutions, or to discuss your business’ evolving support needs.