Salesforce: Helping To Optimize The Business of Healthcare

Salesforce’s robust CRM environment makes it an ideal choice for healthcare professions operating in every medical vertical. The system’s diverse suite of features can prove a powerful tool for facilities and providers, eliminating data silos to deliver contextual and actionable insight across multiple groups, teams, and campaigns.

Are you optimizing Salesforce in your healthcare organization? Here are just a few of the many mission-critical functions you may be missing to help your facility run at maximum capacity. 

General Support
Some healthcare organizations may take a more reactive approach to their CRM platforms, only seeking support when an issue or question arises. However, consistent remote support and training from a qualified Salesforce consulting firm can provide the resources needed to maintain system integrity and help increase user adoption. 

Facility Mergers
Facility mergers are a common occurrence for healthcare organizations. A Salesforce migration solution performed by an experienced consulting team accelerates the merge process without compromising data integrity or patient confidentiality. 

Alumni Groups
A connected alumni network plays a critical role in your healthcare organization’s success. Salesforce’s dynamic platform enables users to develop a communication strategy that keeps alumni groups informed and engaged. 

Internal Initiatives 
Healthcare facilities are consistently and comprehensively tracking data sets for internal initiatives in new and different ways. Facilities and practices can use Salesforce to run the organization outside of patient care. The system equips medical organizations with the tools needed to gauge and analyze critical information like diversity, inclusivity, and social determinants in health. Additionally, experienced Salesforce developers can also create custom-built Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Process within the system to manage recruiting efforts as well as monitor physician and practitioner burnout.

Quality Incentive Programs
An experienced Salesforce consulting firm can help healthcare organizations and medical facilities manage physician incentive programs. Your provider can develop a customized application that sits on top of Salesforce for tracking all physicians, designated measures, and performance to calculate qualifying bonus totals.

Major Donors 
Proactive, effective fundraising serves as a lifeline to healthcare facilities, providing the working capital needed to maintain the highest operational standards. Salesforce enables healthcare systems to store, track, and manage all critical fundraising activities in a centralized system for seamless transitions between every campaign. 

Project Management
Native Salesforce innovation and add-on project management products enable healthcare organizations to remain agile throughout every initiative phase. A customized project management solution includes Projects/Phases/Tasks/Sub-Tasks, Gantt Charts, and more to automate notifications, collaborate in real-time, share files, and complete tasks efficiently and compliantly. Most importantly, reporting tools integrated into the system can track time, costs, and revenues from each project for roll-up financial details. 

Clinical Trials
Salesforce consolidates data from multiple sources used in clinical trials, including patient enrollment and stored research. Consolidating information in the Salesforce CRM allows for fast, qualitative, and scalable data collection and analysis to accelerate clinical trial enrollment and deployment. 

Ambulatory Management
As an enterprise-wide CRM, Salesforce unites multiple units and locations, driving patient awareness, improving customer service levels, and elevating overall consumer awareness, all while helping organizations maintain a steady focus on patient care and transparency. A Salesforce consultant can develop workflows that manage internal practices, compliance challenges, online peer chart review, operational hours and client-facing engagements to elevate overall care delivery. A customized Salesforce work environment can deliver executive level long-range strategic planning and organizational development. Your chosen team can also manage an enterprise-wide Salesforce Outlook integration, creating all hospital departments and practices within the system to log emails and activities. 

Patient Experience
Most importantly, Salesforce capabilities enhance every phase of the patient experience. Leverage the system’s innovation to boost organization, drive communication, respond to feedback, and use mobile app technology for an enriched patient experience from start to finish. 

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