Salesforce Implementations: The Ultimate Way to Mind (and Grow) Your Business

The customer relationship management market is thriving. Recent statistics released from Gartner show that worldwide spending on customer relationship management (CRM) software increased by 15.6%, hitting $48.2 billion by the close of the 2018 – with Salesforce leading the CRM pack. A 2019 Forbes article revealed that, in 2018, Salesforce dominated the global customer relationship management vertical, earning 19.5% of the worldwide market share, more than doubled that of its nearest competitor. 

Salesforce Implementations Offer More Than Sales Functionality 

Salesforce’s rapidly evolving functionality has played a significant role in its worldwide user adoption. Previous generations of business owners often strictly viewed the platform as a sales tool that was used primarily to capture and organize large stores of client data. Make no mistake; Salesforce still delivers a comprehensive suite of digital tools to drive sales and bottom-line dollars. However, today’s entrepreneurs recognize that a fully integrated Salesforce solution also offers innovative support and analysis across every level of an organization for enterprise-wide efficiencies, strategies, and, most importantly, growth. 

Here are three essential ways a Salesforce implementation helps every level of an organization best mind and grow their business: 

Project Management

Salesforce supports a broad spectrum of project management software designed to help business owners centralize and automate all action items, deliverables, and milestones. All initiative stakeholders can use Salesforce to collaborate, access relevant project details, delegate tasks, and complete outstanding items to keep the project moving forward at maximum capacity. 


Salesforce Lightning reporting capabilities have evolved far beyond a sales-only function to include customized and automated data aggregation across all departments, branches, and groups within a company. From finance and revenues to procurement and delivery schedules, Salesforce reports offer instant access to real-time business intelligence and overall initiative return on investment.


Successfully minding your business goes beyond weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting. Salesforce’s dashboard reporting features deliver live data intelligence and analysis for at-a-glance internal and client-facing assessments on marketplace trends, strengths, and weaknesses. Users can develop customized dashboards for increased visibility on what matters most, equipping a company with the agility and speed needed to recalibrate workflows and processes for better final results.

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