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Ongoing Support

We have the expertise to provide the ongoing support you need to keep running in top shape. We also have flexible engagement models so you can control your budget by picking what’s right for you. Training

Good training maximizes user adoption, which directly affects your ROI. Whether you’re installing for the first time or experiencing lagging usage, we offer a variety of training engagement options to increase user confidence and enthusiasm.


Salesforce Administration:
We can support your day-to-day general administration needs for routine changes, when you get stuck or break something (oops!), or when you just need an extra pair of hands. consulting:
For both new implementations and existing customers, our unique “business first” approach ensures the maximum return on your investment.

Process development:
Designing and capturing the layout of ongoing activities into an easy-to-follow process governance and change management:
Fostering meaningful engagement with stakeholders and generating organizational alignment around objectives, strategy, tools and methods

We have extensive familiarity working with AppExchange solutions to extend the functionality of your

Apex and Visualforce:
We can build totally custom functionality using the power of Apex combined with Visualforce and the API.

Data cleaning:
We have expertise with the best tools to import, standardize, verify, and de-duplicate data from within the interface. We have led de-duplication projects for dozens of companies, some with millions of records.

Strategic discovery and roadmapping:
In-depth investigation into your business goals and processes underpins our strategic recommendations and results in a focused implementation roadmap

Partner Communities and Customer Community portals:
Secure, web-based portals give your customers and partners self-service, 24/7 access to allowed information and resources

Web design and integration:
We can develop Sites and also integrate into your website or Force site

Data migration and integration:
Helping you unlock the value of your customer information with the resources and expertise to make all of your data easily accessible from within

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