Salesforce Spring ’20 Features Help Power-Up Account Planning

Winter who? (like so many of us) is officially ready for spring. The global CRM leader recently unveiled its highly anticipated Spring ’20 Release Notes. Salesforce’s latest product and features release will be globally available on February 17, 2020, which is mere days away. 

New Email Features Help Power-Up Account Planning

What can you look forward to this spring from Salesforce? Among the many new updates, sales teams will enjoy access to several new features designed to drive group focus and streamline efficiencies. Your sales staff will power-up account planning with:

Assigned Tasks to Queues
The Spring ’20 release allows sales reps to assign various tasks to a queue as a way to share their workload quickly and efficiently. Managing tasks individually can often prove ineffective as well as unnecessarily time-consuming. Queue Assignment allows account reps to share their outstanding action items to the entire team at once. 

Individuals can scan through and take ownership of pending tasks, instantly eliminating performance gaps due to failed manual delegation. Most importantly, digitally sharing and managing the workload instantly drives group cohesion and keeps everyone working as proficiently as possible on any given task or initiative. This particular Lightning update will be applied in the Essentials, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer modules. 

Schedule Future Emails
Sales reps can spend countless hours every month, both crafting client emails and strategizing the best times to send them to increase the chances of them getting read. Or, worse yet, many account executives spend a lot of time drafting emails to send at a later date – only to forget to actually send them.

Salesforce’s new scheduling email feature can help your sales team optimize communication with clients as well as stop missing out on potential opportunities for customer engagement. Available in the Lightning Experience, users can create, schedule, and manage the delivery of their emails to arrive at a specific day and time to improve the odds of being opened. Want to send a check-in email in 60 days? Draft your note now, schedule a time for delivery and eliminate the chance you’ll forget about it. Salesforce’s email scheduling empowers users to take a proactive and strategic account-planning approach to better drive results. 

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