Three Reasons You Should be Using Lightning Flow

Lightning Flow is the latest “hot” feature in the Salesforce world. Sitting in-between process builder and custom Apex, Flow is declarative programming, or programming with clicks, not code, offering a drag-and-drop solution for automating complex business processes. With two options, visual flow leveraging custom screens for data input or validation and background flow capable of updating multiple records at once using complex logic, Flow is a must-have tool in any Salesforce admin’s toolbox. 

Here are the top three ways to utilize Salesforce Flow capabilities in your operations:


1 – Leveraging screen flows embed critical workflows into your system or website


Complex sales processes or call scripts require a series of questions and answers to capture the needed data. Screen flows weave together data entry pages that help your agents ask and populate the right data at the right time. Embedded on your website as a web-to-lead or web-to-case form, these screen flows can help direct users to the appropriate personnel or resources by referencing previously collected data on the fly.


2 – Update or create multiple records using a single process


Unlike Process Builder or workflow rules, Flows can edit or create multiple records at once using a single action. This can be a huge time saver when complex business processes and service procedures require numerous records to be updated to keep all departments informed about customer activity.


3 – Reduced training


With the ability to add notes and prompts embedded in the processes, training new team members is a breeze. Even if your business does not adhere to strict procedures, using the flows prompted by record updates can launch simple reminders or review goals can be a great way to leverage the Salesforce platform to drive best practice behavior for your team. 

The best part about Flow is that Salesforce is continuously making it better and adding new features. If you or your team have any questions about using Salesforce Flow, or if you have a process that you would like us to automate, please send us your questions, and we would be happy to help.