Using Salesforce Training Across Your Revenue Operations to Drive Efficiencies and Results

Salesforce training plays a pivotal role in an organization’s success. Most business leaders develop a standardized Salesforce training process for new hires. No matter what their role in your operations, new hires need comprehensive CRM training to:

  • Master the fundamentals
  • Navigate fluidly
  • Manage data 
  • Generate reports 

Of course, proper Salesforce training isn’t only essential for new hires as they onboard. Routine CRM training delivers extensive benefits for employees in every role who spend time working in a Salesforce environment. While more technically savvy employees may have the fortitude to self-teach as they go, most staff members have far too much on their plate to make learning new Salesforce practices a top priority. The lack of consistent Salesforce training across an organization can create significant gaps across multiple departments and teams and may even cause lost revenue opportunities. 

Develop a Salesforce Training Plan Across All Users in Your Organization

When developing a Salesforce training program in your company, it’s critical to establish a plan for:


Recent reports indicate that as much as 80 percent of software features are rarely, if ever, used. No matter what type of business you run, Salesforce is an investment that, when leveraged properly, can yield significant results. Providing periodic training to your end-users helps them:

  • Understand functionality
  • Manage leads
  • Enhance overall customer experience
  • Sync email automation
  • Leverage mobile access
  • Develop customized reports and dashboards


Salesforce has several features and functions explicitly designed to help managers stay on top of business trends, opportunities, and threats. Salesforce training for managers allows RevOps leaders to use the system’s innovation to streamline efficiency and develop workflows that support the strategic alignment of corporate goals and vision. Comprehensive management training should include essential components, such as:

  • Licensing considerations
  • Team customizations
  • Data analyzation
  • user best practices/process standardization
  • Team growth/scalability

Admin Training

Most organizations have an internal Salesforce admin tasked with managing the system and fielding questions as needed from users. However, many businesses don’t have the capacity to develop admins to support the organization, leaving their business at risk of losing all system knowledge if their existing admin quits. Offering training to current admins on features and functionality of the system can increase support resources as well as streamless implementation and adoption of new system releases, tools, and applications. Salesforce training for admins should include:

  • System navigation
  • User setup/management
  • Security
  • Data management
  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Object customization
  • Service cloud application
  • Scalability  

Find the Right Salesforce Training Option for Your Business

Once you’ve decided to pursue Salesforce training services for your organization, it’s essential to select the right format for your team and business needs. Some Salesforce partners specialize specifically in extensive training sessions. Users often have to purchase a training package or a set amount of hours with these organizations and select from a predetermined list of classes and training schedules. 

Companies that only offer training services generally provide sessions with a designated focal point, such as developing Salesforce administrators or taking a deeper dive into a specific set of CRM tools. These organizations will generally provide a set schedule for each class, allowing users to attend the session (either virtually or onsite) during an allocated time slot. 

Business owners who don’t prefer a preset Salesforce training curriculum can opt to work with a Salesforce partner that offers customized training services. These providers will consult with you to determine your unique CRM needs and current gaps, developing a training plan tailored to your existing Salesforce environment. Best of all, working with a Salesforce trainer on a customized training session allows you and your team to develop a session schedule based on what works best for you. 

Learn More About Salesforce Training with Sadhana Consulting

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