Why Leveraging an On-Demand Salesforce Admin Service is a Smart Business Decision

Adding a rockstar Salesforce administrator to your team will, undoubtedly, boost overall performance, unlock new and exciting use cases for the Salesforce platform, and provide better visibility in your company’s processes. However, finding the perfect candidate can be a huge undertaking. 

For medium-sized businesses, it is not uncommon to hire a “lone wolf” admin responsible for managing all things Salesforce. However, with every configuration of Salesforce being unique, hiring talent with the correct balance and knowledge of the entire platform can be difficult or impossible.

Here are five reasons leveraging a certified Salesforce partner to act as an on-call administrator is a smart solution for any organization.


Hiring new talent is expensive and doesn’t guarantee results. Plus, the endless paperwork and assumed liability that come with any W2 employee is a hassle.

On-Demand admin services offer flexible support blocks that suit your business needs. With simple, no fuss contracts, you have the flexibility to find the right partner that meshes well with your business and your process.


Did you know that the average starting salary for a Salesforce Administrator is $55,000? In most larger organizations, HR often controls the staffing budget, and there are various legal and cultural complexities that go hand-in-hand with full-time hiring. Headcount approval, hiring paperwork, org chart modifications, recurring cost budgeting, and required onboarding and training, are all important factors in making a full-time hiring decision. 

However, there is limited oversight when hiring a vendor or a contracted service. In many companies, using an external resource is an expense budgeted into the P&L by the direct manager. 


Salesforce Partners hire an array of talent specializing in certain areas on the Salesforce platform. Finding the right candidate with the correct distribution of skill needed is an enormous challenge, especially if your company only has the budget to staff one Salesforce admin. Contracting this service provides your company with access to a full team of specialists that can help solve any Salesforce related problem.


Given the current situation, companies need work done but may not be willing to change the headcount. Using an on-demand admin service allows you to keep pushing forward and producing at a top-level during these times.


Urgent Salesforce projects come and go, sometimes with little predictability. Hiring new talent can take time, but on-demand admin contacts can be finalized in less than a week under most circumstances. Due to its flexible contract structure, your company can increase and reduce its workforce as needed on a case-by-case basis.

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